“Spirits of St. Louis” is the brand name of Square One Brewery’s Distilled Spirits line.



Our goal is create hand-crafted spirits using local bounty and natural ingredients to produce spirits that are full of flavor.  With an endless palette from which to create spirits, like in the brewery, we add a little twist to create unique flavors.  Currently the following spirits are available in the marketplace :


Our J.J. Neukomm Whiskey is an American malt whiskey, made with cherry wood smoked malt and aged in Missouri made oak barrels.

In 2011 it won a Bronze Medal at the American Distillers Conference (ADI). In 2012 it won a Bronze Medal in the Smoked Whiskey category.  The Beverage Testing Institute (BTI) reviewed the J.J. Neukomm Whiskey and it scored a 95 awarding it a Gold Medal for 2013 and was described as “absolutely delicious”.

Vermont Night is our oak aged Whiskey liqueur, sweetened with Vermont maple syrup.

In 2010 it won a Silver Medal at the ADI Conference, and it 2011 it won a Gold Medal and Best of Category.  The BTI reviewed the Vermont Night and it scored a 91 awarding it a Gold Medal for 2013.  It was described as “delicious & pure”.

Our Island Time Rums are made from 100% gold cane syrup molasses directly from the cane fields of Florida.

Our Island Time Crystal & Amber Rums are currently available on the market.  Our Amber rum starts as the Crystal.  It is then aged in oak casks, giving it the characteristic amber color and adds slight vanilla overtones & mellowness.  BTI reviewed the Amber Rum and it scored 87 points, awarding it a Silver Medal.

The Regatta Bay Gin uses 9 different botanicals including hops for balance in creating this low juniper and higher citrus flavored gin.

Our Midwest Wheat Vodka which is made with Midwest grown wheat.

It is distilled 4 times and cold filtered twice.  The result is a smooth, drinkable vodka with a hint of sweetness on the finish.

In house, other selections include Our Starry Night Absinthe, distilled with neutral grain spirits, and infused with many herbs, including wormwood, anise, fennel & coriander.   The Citrus Mello Cello is derived  from the Italian liqueur Limoncello,  but ours  starts with neutral grain spirits  infused with blood orange and sweetened with Agave Nectar for a spectacular summer liqueur.  In house we offer our Island Time Rums ~  Crystal, Spiced and Amber.  The Island Time Spiced Rum is aged in oak for a truly unique taste experience.  We also have Aquavit is made from neutral grain spirits and lightly aged in oak.  It’s predominant flavoring comes from caraway seed, with hints of lemon peel, cumin, cardamom and dill.

Throughout the year, the spirits selections change to embrace the flavors of the seasons.  As the seasons change you are bound to find flavors like Peppermint, Pumpkin, Cucumber, Jalapeno, Hops, Ginger Bread or Candy Corn infused spirits!  So, stop in often to sample some of our interesting regular spirits, or to taste what the seasonal bounty has to offer!

Look for the J.J. Neukomm Whiskey, Island Time Crystal & Amber Rums, Regatta Bay Gin, Midwest Vodka Hopskey & Vermont Night at these area retailers:

Square One Brewery & Distillery

Bottle Cellars


Friar Tucks

Grapevine Wines

Local Harvest

Lukas Liquors

Randall’s Wines & Spirits


The Wine & Cheese Place

Wine Merchant

Beer & Spirit School

Ever wonder what it takes to create our beer or spirits? Join us for a guided tour of the brewery and distillery. You will learn about the history of Square One, the different equipment and parts of the brewing and the distilling process, about the raw materials that go into our products, and different ways to infuse flavoring.  We will also talk about how we use our beer and spirits in our dishes.

Tours will be on the first Saturday of the month at 11:00am, and last about an hour. The class is free, but reservations are required, as space is limited. Please check with our manager or call 314-231-2537 to place your name on the list.

Our next class will be held on Saturday, March 8th. It will start at 11am.